Being ‘Ambitcheous’ will get you everywhere…even to Bergdorf

June 5, 2018

June 7, 2018

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of artist Ashley Longshore. Her drive is unstoppable, her Instagram feed is hilarious and her art rocks (seriously, her gem paintings are so amazing we had to turn them into a wallpaper). With that winning combination, it was no surprise that Bergdorf Goodman wanted to incorporate her good vibe into their space. Earlier this year, at the same time we were launching the Fempower Collection, Bergdorf Goodman featured the artist’s work in all of their windows and in the store itself. Months later, that collaboration has expanded into something more permanent with Longshore’s art being the sole decorating ingredient in Bergdorf’s new cafe, Palette. The space is studded with paintings of Frida Kahlo, self-portraits of the artist and her glittery grill, and a giant painting that reads, “There is no crying at Bergdorf.” Just behind that painting is our contribution to Palette, our Sparklepuss wallpaper lines the booth bringing both a burst of color and flavor to the space.

To find out more about the opening, check out this New York Times article. And, if one New York Times article isn’t enough for you, learn more about the artist here.


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