Lenny Kravitz Video

Music Video

November 29, 2010

For Lenny Kravitz’‘s third single off 2008‘’s Love Revolution, his eighth album, the choice was easy – the super sexy “Dancin‘’ Til Dawn.” For the video he chose legendary photographer and director Jean Baptise Mondino to put the feel to film. For a song that contains lyrics like “The way she moves really talks to me I’m going out of my mind “Cause the way that she wind…is truly divine“” the video background had to be the smoky, intertwining, erotic tendrils of Flavor Paper’‘s Flower of Love in Espresso.

Shot in Lenny’s home in Paris, France the video evokes the unabashed hotness of Lenny‘’s naughty thoughts of a fine woman who can really move and the Flavor Paper sets the mood. These stills give you an idea of the story, but for the real deal you can checkout the video here, but beware – it is hot, hot, hot!! So hot, in fact, that it has been banned in the US by MTV and VH1.

Lenny and his sexy mama have it goin‘’ on. You too can keep it Dancin‘’ Til Dawn with some Flavor in your boudoir. Get your grind on!


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