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Small Additions For Big Design Looks

January 24, 2007

Special thanks to Eric Villency, President of Maurice Villency and host of iDesign on the Fine Living Channel, who chose Flavor Paper’s new Ribbon Candy wallpaper for his Small Additions for Big Design Looks segment with Ann Curry on the Today Show.

Eric explains that with Flavor Paper “wallpaper is a blank canvas and you can print anything you want on it.” Which is exactly what we did with Ribbon Candy for Carlos Mota’s debut line for Villency for an accent effect. We even changed the ground from Chrome to Silver to help out the camera crew. Eric knows Flavor Paper is “a way to get some fun and color into a room” and Ann Curry thinks “it’s a very gutsy move, but it does pull all this together.”
Show some guts. Get some Flavor.

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